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Turning Your Spare Bedroom into a Money Maker
Learn the many secrets that are needed in renting a spare room.
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Why would you want a room?
Sharing your home with someone else may be something you have never considered doing before. Let us show you that it can be a rewarding experience when you find yourself a Perfect Roommate!

Don't accept Future Service As Payment
Trading services for rent is not a bad thing when done within the guidelines set within the book. !

How to Get What You Want
You truly can get the Perfect Roommate without compromising.

Don't Ever Rent To A Friend
Why wouldn't you rent to a friend? This chapter explain why not to rent to a friend.

Activities that Lead To Disaster
This Chapter explains and gives a list of activities that lead to disaster.

When a Roommate Isn't Working Out
We'll explain and tell you how to solve this problem.

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