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How to Find The Perfect Roommate
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Turning Your Spare Bedroom into a Money Maker
Learn the many secrets that are needed in renting a spare room.

"How to Find the Perfect Roommate."
With over 220 pages of helpful information on finding and keeping the Perfect Roommate. The Book "The Perfect Roommate" is now available for purchase
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With over 55 years of roommate experience, the authors have indeed learned

"How to Find the Perfect Roommate." Have you ever tried to find the perfect roommate? If you don't lay the ground rules out at the beginning chances are you like not succeed. Using the many tips found in the book, you too will succeed in finding the perfect roommate.

perfect roommateA perfect roommate happens only because you plan ahead. THE PERFECT ROOMMATE eliminates the problems that can be associated with having a roommate. This book is loaded with information on how to go about finding the perfect roommate. You will find chapters like "Conducting The Personal Interview", and Women VS. Men Roommates. One chapter explains the pitfalls of renting to a friend and explains the pitfalls of this practice. The book explains what to do when a roommate isn't working out along with 30 different chapters covering all aspects of having a roommate. The book explains the many benefits of having a roommate only after you have armed yourself with the knowledge of the problems that can arise with taking on a roommate. Don't take on a roommate until you have read this informative book. The book is easy to read and just as easy to understand. With over 55 years experience, the authors have indeed learned "How To Find the Perfect Roommate".   
Why would you want a room?
Sharing your home with someone else may be something you have never considered doing before. Let us show you that it can be a rewarding experience when you find yourself a Perfect Roommate!

Don't accept Future Service As Payment
Trading services for rent is not a bad thing when done within the guidelines set within the book. !

How to Get What You Want
You truly can get the Perfect Roommate without compromising.


Don't Ever Rent To A Friend
Why wouldn't you rent to a friend? This chapter explain why not to rent to a friend.

Activities that Lead To Disaster
This Chapter explains and gives a list of activities that lead to disaster.

When a Roommate Isn't Working Out
We'll explain and tell you how to solve this problem.


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